Abstracts for the Rata

Not much fast painting going on these days, not around heavily indepted Valencia anyway.  I'm gearing up for the July 16-17 weekend in the Madrid area, including a fun nighttime contest in Alcazar de San Juan that I had luck at last year.

In the meantime, I've been working through the heat in my studio on my next show, to be held at the Rata Cellarda bar in the town of Beneixama, around an hour from Valencia.  The pieces at the Rata will all be abstract expressionist in nature and in oil.  With all the urbanscapes I paint on weekends, I need to do something different to keep my creative juices flowing.

In other painting news, I was accepted for a show at Oakwood Village Library and Arts Centre in December and for another show sometime in 2012 at the Cambridge Centre for the Arts.  More details on those to come.