Silencis sorollosos

I'll be showing 12 abstract pieces in oil at the Rata Cellarda ("cellar rat") in Beneixama, Alacant from August 5 to September 2.  I've called the exhibition "Silencis sorollosos" in Catalan, roughly "Clamorous Silences" in English.

Here's the postcard and a fun little video advertisement I made.  Any feedback, as always, is greatly appreciated.


  1. The postcard looks great, giving a good sense of the actual canvas and paint. I'm not saying this lightly, but you are a naturally talented painter. How much of what you've learned/how you've grown would you say is from just working on it and how much from your painter-group discussions in Spain?

    The video and music do express the theme of "clamour." I think, if you had the money to use a video production company - maybe there are some young folks in Guelph who'd do it cheaply - you could intersperse the painting itself with short sequences of you doing the actual painting. Or fade in and out of extreme closeups of the paint splatters versus the full painting. If you post this on YouTube you might pick up some more Google followers to the blog.

  2. Hi Bob, you're becoming my number one fan. The video was a bit of a joke, at least the music. But I like the idea of doing something more professional.

    A for how much I've learned in Spain, a lot, at least how to paint fast and fresh and big outdoors. Not so much what to do in the studio, and little about how to think about art, have a practice, etc. - all the stuff I missed out on by not going to art school. I'm still struggling, reading, trying to connect with like-minded souls.


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