October 7, 2011

Nuit Blanche in Toronto

We made the effort to stay up the night last weekend for Nuit Blanche in Toronto, and it was worth it.  It was inspiring to see so many people out, taking over the streets, for art.

The AGO organized an interesting painting competition.  Rather than paint from nude models in the classical sense, contestants - all recognized up-and-coming painters - interpreted whatever spectacle the museum put in the stage.  Here they are painting a performance by a Neil Young knock-off band.  The winner was decided by popular vote.

Crowd karaoke.
 An interesting display of lights (with giant pigeons flown by spectators zipping along cables above) at City Hall.

October 2, 2011

Streetside at the Red Brick and the Deadly Stick

I had a freak accident last week.  I was running down a set of stairs alongside unpruned bushes when a branch jumped out and jabbed me in the ear.  It poked right in and punctured my eardrum!  Then, white noise, seriously.  I could plug my nostrils and breathe out my ear!  I went to the doctor and she rushed me off to - get this - an otolaryngologist, where I was greeted by the receptionist as the dude with the foreign object lodged in his ear.

"Foreign object?"

"Doctor thought she saw a piece of branch still in your head."

It turned out it was only dried blood and the otolaryngologist said the puncture should heal in a few weeks.  If all goes well, my hearing should also return to normal.

Anyway, to make a long story short, wrapping up the work I've been scrambling to complete this month for the Red Brick was a close call, but today I'm happy to announce that I managed to transport and hang 25 paintings, ranging in size from 5 x 5 inches to 46 x 35 inches and including all kinds of media, even the very topical bitumen.  The show will run from today until November 13, with an opening reception from 4-6 pm on October 15 during the Guelph Studio Tour.  Hope to see you out!

Here's the postcard:   

And here's a sneak peak of the kind of stuff on offer:

Unemployment Line #1
Mixed media on panel, 10" x 10"

Waiting for the 150
Mixed media on panel, 10" x 10"

You lookin' at me?
Mixed media on panel, 10" x 10"

Pinched Corner,
Mixed media on panel, 46" x 35"