Battle of the Brushes

Last Friday I participated in my first Battle of the Brushes at the monthly James Street North Art Crawl in Hamilton. If you don't what a battle of the brushes is, well, it's a bunch of painters getting together before a live crowd to paint in a circle on a giant octopusy multi-easel while music blasts and beer is served, just about paradise.

The theme was "Winter" and we had exactly half an hour to interpret a piece the size of your waist to your neck.

It began with a countdown, everyone joining in, then the crowd began to circle like fish around an odd, possibly edible foreign object. Everyone had a ballot they were supposed to drop at some point into the box of their favourite painter as we painted.

Inside it was warm and I wore one of those running t-shirts that wick sweat away when you run but trap it in when you don't, so I had the added challenge of keeping my arms down to not skunk people off.

Anyway, at the end of the night when the votes were tallied, I was thrilled to learn I had come out on top. My painting was put up for silent auction along with the others and sold, whippee! Thanks to the buyer and the organizers of the battle.

Unfortunately my camera battery died, so I have no visual.


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