May 27, 2012

Fast Painting in Algemesí

Another painting contest, this time in the town of Algemesí, Valencia. It was very competitive with many painters coming in from as far as Málaga, over 600 km away, and Madrid. The guys from afar swept the field. I didn't get anything, not even a selection, but I spent a relaxing day under a tree hidden from the throng.

Here's a selection of some interesting pieces, most of them prize winners.


And mine, quite impressionist, airy, a little stiff, with some bad mistakes of light. 100 cm x 120 cm on panel - as large as I can squeeze a canvas in the backseat of a car.

May 20, 2012

Fast Painting in Russafa

A five minute walk around the corner from our apartment in Valencia, I had a contest to participate in on Saturday. Which was weird, and tiring, and fun - performing in front of so many people I say hi to on a regular basis.

Here was my setup before getting going, in front of my favourite curated video store, The Underground (see their website I created a few years back).

Note the signature ironing board. I may just have to start signing my pieces with an icon of it, so much does everyone comment.

The finished work. I don't know, I don't know... Too postcardish? Too overpainted in parts?

First prize.



No luck at the contest, but I did manage to sell a print or two at an opening of a show of lithographs on Friday, held at Imprevisual Gallery. The opening and contest were part of a very creative, very youthful festival of art in the neighbourhood of Russafa, Valencia.

Announcing the opening. Alejandro, speaking, organized the show of prints. Aristides, behind him, organized the festival. Both are not only amazing artists but pivots in the community.

May 6, 2012

Fast Painting in Alpera

I took part in my first fast painting contest of the year in the town of Alpera.

The contest was long, from 9 am until 6 pm, though I didn't start until 11 am and I took a lot of beer breaks to catch up with old friends. 

It rained and was cold and windy for most of the day, so it wasn't enjoyable. The paint wouldn't dry, which is a problem if you're painting in acrylic. One friend called it quits halfway through and went home. Another wiped his canvas and pulled out. 

The wind knocked my piece over a few times and I was tempted to leave it there, chipped and dented - along with the large tile I mix my paint on which fell and shattered - and pack it in myself, but I pushed through for the symbolic value of it.

I was even more grumpy with my finished product than usual, but I was happy with myself for finishing it.

Here's a shot of Alpera.

Here's the scene I painted. (Reminder to self: next time pull in early before all the good covered spots are taken).

How I managed to interpret it.

Announcement of the prize winners at 9 pm. The space was very crowded.

And some pieces, finally, that caught my eye...