May 23, 2014

"Strange Beauty" at Bartlett Gallery

Join me at Bartlett Gallery at the beautiful Alton Mill tomorrow.  I'll be on hand solo with the girls, chatting art and probably imbibing.

Check out the image gallery for photos of the work.

May 20, 2014

Muslim Struggle for Civil Rights

I'm happy to announce that Aitana's book "The Muslim Struggle for Civil Rights in Spain," based on her Ph.D. dissertation in the History Department at York University, has hit North America, or at least one copy that arrived in our mailbox last week. It's her first major work in English and it was, having joined her for the ride, an enormous feat. Information can be found on the publisher's website and copies can be ordered online through various sites, including Amazon.

If you haven't noticed the cover design is mine. It's admittedly cheeky, the old generation on a park bench and an immigrant in motion, waving a Spanish flag modified with Moorish arabesques. Each eyes up the other, one with its back to the horizon and one facing it.

Look out for promotional events soon.


May 14, 2014

Bas-relief Redux

Here's a piece I've already posted, though now with one major change.  People can be tricky in paintings.  Better or worse now?

May 12, 2014

Blacksmithing Workshop

Did some coal iron forging for the first time on the weekend at a workshop held by the Ontario Artist Blacksmith Association. I managed to make a bunch of hooks, leaves, a hat holder, half a blade, and a set of tongs.   Though my arm is sore from all the hammering, I feel great, aggression free, and already thinking of ways I can set up my own forge.

Here are a few shots.

May 6, 2014

Shine Forth

I miss cubism, and there is something just so cubic and sliced up and 4-D about rows of inconspicuous boxes painted rainbow colours, slapped together with leftover materials, and containing god-knows-what.  Don't forget the essential gaucho on bicycle peeking around the corner. 

"Shine Forth"
24" x 60"
Acrylic mixed media on panel