August 28, 2014

Rhapsody Anthology

I'm delighted to announce that a painting of mine was incorporated into the cover of the 2014 Rhapsody Anthology, a collection of poetry and short stories by Guelph and area writers.  That makes three books now that have used my artwork, making me wonder whether I couldn't develop book covers (potentially other kinds of covers) into a larger side gig.

The anthology is published by Vocamus Press and will be launched at their Book Bash to be held at the eBar on September 28.

The original painting, incidentally, is a few years old and hangs permanently at Bisson Dentistry in Guelph.

August 22, 2014

Faiers Lane

I came across this scene during a walkabout, in search of a coffee and somewhat lost, in Toronto's Leslieville in the spring.  I immediately sketched it out, snapped a few photos from different angles, and then turned it into a painting in my studio a few weeks later.

I was happy to discover the passageway had only recently been designated "Faiers Lane."  From the 2013 Toronto Council minutes: "Dr. Alan Faiers has worked in Leslieville for three decades at the intersection of Queen and Logan where he has dedicated himself to the service of his patients.  He is a doctor whose work, delivering babies, making home visits, and helping patients deal with the problems of addiction reflects the best traditions of Canadian Medicine.  In some families he has delivered babies through several generations."  

I love that, not only the designee but the fact Toronto is paying homage to such people in such living, public places as laneways, rather than to the stodgy "Queen," "King," the land speculator Joseph "Bloore," Sir George "Yonge," etc. of its major thoroughfares. 

"Faiers Lane"
Acrylic mixed media on wood panel
10" x 24"

August 3, 2014