The Ward (No. 12)

The Ward (No. 12)
Mixed media on birch panel
36" x 48"

The latest in my ongoing series on "the ward," the gangster neighbourhood in Guelph where I live, with more chicken coops per capita than the countryside, illegal reno capital of Canada, and moonshine and the mafia. It used to be a camaros' paradise when I was a kid but that phase, sadly, has passed.

Old-time Ward Camaro, mangiacake!

Recent comments from folks who have just moved in:

- "I wouldn't live anywhere else in Guelph."
- "Better than Hamilton."
- "Tonnes of chicks."
- "The ground under the old International Malleable Iron Co., IMICO, is now clean."
Yeah, right.

- "Where did the Church of the Universe guys go anyway?"

Reverends Michael Baldasaro and Wally Tucker of the Church of the Universe


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