"Touchstone": Better or Worse?

It's dangerous for me to get work I haven't seen in a while back from a gallery, because I tend to want to touch it up and breathe new life into it.  If you've bought work from me and I happen to get near that work again, careful I'm not carrying brushes.

The problem is a painting, like a work of music, is a fine balancing act, a bunch of relationships that come together and somehow click.  Change the colour here or add an object there and suddenly everything has shifted and transformed, and the original now looks unbalanced or cluttered or just amateurish.

Here's a piece I got back recently and simply couldn't resist adding a single new stroke to, and then another, until I was fully pulled into the spiral of seeking a new harmony and messing everything up. 

I don't know if I've hit on that new harmony but here's the latest version anyway. It's busier, yes?  There's probably more movement. And I've been told the foregrounded figure resembles everyone from Johnny Cash to a friend of mine.  But overall, what d'ya say, is the work improved? Is it more interesting? Fresher? Or now just an uncorrectible muck?

The original "Touchstone"
36" x 48"
Acrylic mixed media on birch panel

And the new "Touchstone"


  1. Hi Ivano! The original makes me reflect on loneliness; while the new one makes me feel happier, like no one is ever really alone in a city! Hope all is well!


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