Alla ricerca della vita vernacolare

Well, it's been a long time coming but here's my first in a series of paintings I hope to complete over the course of a year in Italy.

It may not be my strongest work but that's because I was using materials I'm not used to, including an Italian-made weave of canvas that drove me nuts (I know, anal), and because as a total newbie to Florence my visual map of the city is still weak.

In any event, the scene came from our first venture south of the Arno River, into the "Oltrarno" where historically the craftsmen worked and the crowds were harder to manage. We were in search of the Fierucola, a farmer's market that focuses on local, organic produce and small handmade objects.

The translation of the title of the painting is "In search of vernacular life," which is a concept I took from a brochure on the Fierucola and which this fairly banal streetscape of the Oltrarno (for Florentine standards) could just represent.  

"Alla ricerca della vita vernacolare"
Acrylic mixed media on canvas
23.6" x 27.5" (60cm x 70cm)


  1. I know exactly what you mean about adapting to a new support. For me, it was from canvas to board -- soooo different.


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