New Studio in Florence

So here it is people, my new studio in Florence: spacious, well lit, and designed with a painter in mind. And right in the downtown. Dreamy, dreamy.

It's the former studio of Andrea Gennari, a renowned realist painter and professor at the Florence Accademia di Belle Arti, who sadly passed away a few years ago. I'm still reading about him but he had shown all over the world, alongside the likes of Warhol and just about every important postwar Italian artist. I feel both honoured and of course the pressure of having big shoes to fill.

The view from one end, tidied up and ready to go. Note the amazing skylights.

The view from the other end, with a wash-up area.

I'm only going to be using a third or so of the 250 m2, but here's the rest of the space.

The studio is here, on Via San Zanobi, about a 10 min. walk to the Duomo and City Hall, inside the old city walls.

A street or two over, snapped on my way to the nearest bus stop back home.


  1. The space is amazing. And the skylights--incredible!

  2. Yeah, still can't believe I have it. I'm going to enjoy it all I can while it's mine.


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