The Quiet Story

"The Quiet Story"
Acrylic mixed media on panel
48" x 35" (122cm x 89cm)

The inspiration for this painting comes from the 60 million humans - almost twice the population of Canada - that have been forced out of their homes because of conflict or persecution.

Over half are children under 18.

The vast majority (nine out of ten) aren't in Europe or North America as the media or fear-mongers might have us believe, but in neighbouring countries, also unstable nations and some of the world's poorest.

Many languish in camps, such as Dadaab in Kenya, Al Zaatari in Jordan, or closer to home for me right now, the "jungle" in Calais, France, which was cruelly, quietly "set on fire" hours after the attack on Paris in November. Sadly, the Calais region recently voted overwhelmingly for the far-right Front National in regional elections.

I painted the painting listening to the Bersarin Quartett's III album, music that cranks the "film score quality" to the max without, I think, tipping over into kitsch.

Have a listen to "Bedingungslos" or "Ist es das, was Du willst" and tell me whether the pairing of the music and the painting - not to mention the scary facts on the ground - makes the same impact on you as it did me.