First Miniature in the Mail: "Carbon Canyon at dawn"

"Carbon Canyon at dawn," 5" x 5", oil on masonite

This is new for me, work at this scale, strictly in oil. It's the first of what I hope will be a small work done daily from Monday to Friday, serving as a visual diary of the bits of beauty I manage to tease out of my surroundings.

The project, which I'm calling "Miniature in the Mail," is inspired by the movement of daily painters on the internet. The idea is simple: create a small, affordable piece that can be mailed easily and quickly, and offer it up for auction on eBay or a similar platform. I thought rather than auction my work, though, I'd price works starting, for now, at a flat $USD 75 and sell them on a first come, first served basis, covering shipping, taxes where appropriate, packaging, and anything else myself.

You can purchase works and peruse the full, growing collection, starting here with numero uno at the top of this week, on my website,

I'd love to hear your thoughts.


  1. I love this Ivano and the idea of capturing daily bits of beauty in this way. You are so talented and creative. I'll be keeping my eyes on this series for sure!! Hugs to you and keep up the awesomeness.

    1. Thanks Kathy. For the longest time I've kept a diary, but in written form. So when it dawned on me I could do something similar visually, in a slower, more contemplative way than snapping a photo, the thought filled me with enthusiasm. I'm actually working a few weeks ahead in order to give the paintings time to dry, and seeing them altogether on this shelf I've made purposely for them is hugely gratifying. I love how small they are, too - sort of the antithesis of my usual big macho stuff.

  2. I love this idea of 5 inch paintings. Good luck with it.


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