Miniature in the Mail #10: "Downhill from here"

"Downhill from here" (MitM #10)
5" x 5"
Oil on masonite
Today's Miniature in the Mail, #10, is a depiction, at dusk, of a street near me called Rolling Hills Dr. It connects two busy parks I frequent to run, get away, and let the kids play. The green matter festooning the sides includes a very bountiful fig tree (sadly, though, chopped down by the city, I noticed the other day), a persimmon tree (dangling out of someone's backyard and full of ripe fruit), and several eucalyptus trees, which pervade the air with the most gorgeous scent of lemon.

The road has served as a kind of gauge for me. It was one of the first streets I experienced in California, outside of a car, and having come from Italy where I was used to flattening myself against walls to make room for vehicles to pass, it struck me as gigantic, three or four Italian streets squeezed into one. Now, three months in, it's starting to look normal.

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