Miniature in the Mail #14: "The peripatetic"

"The peripatetic," 5" x 5", oil on masonite
The peripatetics were a school of philosophy founded by Aristotle, who was known for walking about Athens with his students while teaching. It's a brilliant strategy, free, that gets a few jobs done at once. Personally, I use it to talk to my kids and sort out life stuff with my spouse, while getting in a bit of exercise and greeting the neighbours.

Sadly, given the weather and wide accommodating sidewalks, it doesn't seem people enjoy walking in the part of California where I live. But then there is this old soul at the end of the street. I catch him doing the rounds round the block. He doesn't seem to have anywhere to go and stops often to pause and look around, like a wise old turtle with a secret.

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  1. Neat painting. Neat story. Thanks, Ivano. BTW, I note that you are now painting on Masonite. Personally, it is my favourite. It only takes a bit of time to prep it.

  2. Thanks, whoever you are. The Masonite works well for this scale. It's easy to cut to size and it doesn't warp without stretchers, unlike panel. But for larger works it's heavy.


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