Miniature in the Mail #15: "Parasol"

"Parasol," 5" x 5", oil on masonite

To wrap up the third week of Miniature in the Mail, here's "Parasol," mini painting #15 (pardon the poor quality of the imagewith all the shiny bits and impasto, and the blazing sun, I just couldn't shoot this one right. In the flesh, it does look better.).

The scene comes from a particularly cozy intersection of L.A.'s Chinatown, where the road isn't flat in the way, I suspect, it was designed to be and the width is manageable on foot, even lugging stuff around. The sidewalks, entangled with produce stands and awnings that make it impossible to merely transit through, are cunning extensions of the storefronts.

Meanwhile, the parasol the figure holds is really an umbrella and the suitcase on wheels was stuffed with fresh greens, not travel items.

Someone's probably said it but creativity is about interpreting anew, transforming, re-purposing.

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