Miniature in the Mail #19: "Classic Approach"

"Classic Approach," 5" x 5", oil on masonite
I probably am a technological determinist, a believer in the idea that technology drives the development of society and is irreversible once it's out there. But that's not to say I don't get wistful and drippy for aspects of the old ways, I suppose a sure sign I'm getting older.

It's hard to meet people when they're in cars, buffered by screens, packaged up in private realms, particularly beyond a certain age when no one forces you to be together with new people, as when you were young. I'm fortunate, I have a spouse—we met in an offline class—but I feel for those lonely souls who want to connect intimately but don't have the place for it, that doesn't feel forced, like a clumsy dating site.

The key seems to be to set stages, ostensibly, obliquely, for other causes than simply communing with other flesh-and-blood humans. We need impresarios. Cajole people out of their vehicles and off their devices. Mix in a little beauty, music, a coffee shop and bar or two, food. Squeeze them in so they rub up against one another and remember that they're not islands.


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