Miniature in the Mail #21: "Lean on me"

"Lean on me," 5" x 5", oil on panel

I came across this naturally formed still life composition rambling through the San Bernardino Mountains in California. It was so formal and orderly among the other haphazard pilings of rocks and brush it felt almost awkward. I thought for a second it may have been arranged on purpose, like an Inuit inuksuk or the kind of rock piles you find in severe geographies to keep you on course, but the tree and boulder, in this very remote area, were too large for that.  

I'm not much of a spiritual person but it is a mystery to me how certain spots can have a pull, an inherent tension, an ineffabilitystanding out among millions of other possibilities that don't generate the same effect. It does compel you to hypothesize, to ask why and how, and it's not a stretch to think a supernatural force is the only explanation.

The aphorism "Lean on me," by the way, jumped to mind as readily as everything else.

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