Miniature in the Mail #24: "Make Waves"

"Make Waves," 5" x 5", oil on masonite

Admittedly, my usual thing is not waves (or trees, skies, puppies, or naked women), but one of the reasons I started Miniature in the Mail was to free myself up to try new things and hit on, hopefully, new subjects, true and personal to my lived experience but not about me.

So far the project has taken more out of me than I'd planned, but the more I get the practice down the more I hope to treat the small, less committal works as clarifiers of my thoughts and preambles to larger material.

In any case, waves, and more specifically, making them... From Charles Baxter's short story "Harmony of the World": "Do you want to hear what my piano teacher once said?" I asked. "He said I wasn't enough of a fanatic. He said that to be one of the great ones you have to be a tiny bit crazy. Touched. And he said I wasn't. And when he said it, I knew all along he was right. I was waiting for someone to say what I already knew, and he was the one. I was too much a good citizen, he said. I wasn't possessed."

This mini painting along with others can be found at Have a great weekend. Kick up a fuss if you need to.