Good Day L.A.

$150 + $10 S&H

Here's my 89th mini painting, "Good Day L.A.," oil on birch, 5" x 5", bespoke frame made of maple stripped from a skid I stole from a Walmart dumpster.

It's a view from atop the Getty Center looking SE over UCLA to downtown L.A.

It actually was a good day, for reason I still can't explain. I'd been in a funk for weeks. Rain. Grey skies. Endless driving of the kids to this and that. Some rejections letters. The news. A kink in my neck (the worst place). The story just too dull.

Then on a lark we decide to spend a leisurely Sunday in L.A. and poof, a ray of light and the fog clears. A fountain, and a bunch of sculptures, and flowers—flowers! And standing on a terrace overlooking this view. The coming-together of it all, an impression, really, massages something in me without having willed a thing.

I should mention that I never experience the change to a better state of mind like this, as a pseudo-epiphany, or whatever. Generally it's more like Sisyphus rolling the boulder up the hill, sweating, setbacks aplenty.

I don't know, I'm no mystic but maybe the trick to the day to day is about pulling back and losing yourself in the sights. Seeing yourself as a character in a story, waiting to see what comes next. A self-surprise around the corner.

I hope you have a great day with at least one surprise.