Commission for M.

"Commission for M.," mixed media on birch panel, 36" x 24"

Here's a piece I did for a long supporter and friend in my hometown of Guelph, and delivered to his daughter and partner in Santa Monica, of all places. It was a gift and a really fun to drive over and surprise them with the other day.

The view is from the Getty Center in the Santa Monica Mountains, looking east over the UCLA campus, Century City, and downtown L.A. way, way in the distance. As sprawling as it is, and without an Empire State Building or CN Tower, the scene is about as iconic as it gets for L.A., without perhaps interjecting one of the major freeways or dropping in the Hollywood sign.

I was happy they recognized the view, and went for the nicely California mix of city interspersed with green, or green interspersed with city, however you see it.

Thanks M., K., and Q.!