Mini in the Mail #67: "Burnt Reflection" - SOLD

"Burnt Reflection," 5x5in., oil on masonite

Spent some time in L.A. over the weekend, among other things to attend the dedication and grand opening of the Zev Yaroslavsky L.A. River Greenway Trail in Studio City, part of L.A.'s river greenway project. If you've ever seen the L.A. River with its insane concrete encasement and mostly dry bed, you'll know why any effort to revive it is heroic.

A lusher than normal view. 3,000 native trees and plants were planted in the half-mile walking stretch. The inauguration ceremony took place under the white canopies.

The most touching moment was the dedication by Rudy Ortega Jr., Chairman of the L.A. Native American Indian Commission and a member of the Fernandeño Tataviam band, whose ancestors have long lived in the area.

The small painting, though not touching on the river directly, came out of the trip.

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