Crackpots, jackpots, and flower pots

Namaste! Here's my latest picture fresh outta the studio. A bunch of collage and acrylic paint on birch panel, 36" x 48".


Oh, beautiful flowers! Bright, consummate flowers. Pleasures of the world and fairy delight. Poised betwixt earth and paradise. Waft me, oh flowers, to summers of old; I dote upon you.

The timid, bashful VIOLET. The PANSY in his purple dress. Immortal AMARANTH and kind, kind AMARYLLIS, wanton country maid. APPLE BLOSSOMS, a shower of pearl. And the hang-head BLUEBELL. CAMOMILE, the more it is trodden on the faster it grows. And hope's gentle gem, the FORGET-ME-NOT. The HYACINTH, whose sweet bells stooping bend with odours heavy, but JASMINE, among the flowers no perfume can compare. Oh MARIGOLD, whose courtier's face echoes the sun. And ORCHIDS with their coy and dainty faces.

But my favourite, fellow seekers, the DANDELION, the common flower that fringes the dusty road with harmless gold, which children pluck and uphold.

From the land of crackpots, jackpots, and flower pots, a very romantic Happy Valentine's Day!

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