Together (No. 18) + Reproduction

Acrylic on birch panel, 48" x 36"

Here's number 18 of my series "Together," where I explore how it is to live in the public square in close proximity to others. I didn't get a chance to show it around much before it sold but I was told it's very east coast, perhaps because west coasters, at least southern Californians, are almost always in cars, or if not that in spacious parks.

For me it has Jane Jacobs written all over it.

One of the technical things I'm doing with this series is restricting myself to a limited palette of CMYK. Frank Gehry, the architect, said in an interview I once caught on the radio that the only commission he ever screwed up was one where the client gave him complete freedom to do as he pleased. Not just in art but in public (and in families, communities, and relationships of all sorts) the cards are generally dealt by others, by reality, and the trick is not to flee from or deny the situation - nor accept it wholeheartedly either - but find ways to work within the box in the most gracious ways possible.

In politics, it seems, you know what you're dealing with when the teleprompters break. In comedy, the hecklers make the comedian. Event planners pull it off even in the rain.

It's about being rubber and a dandelion at the same time. Maybe a rubber dandelion.

New! I have a few reproductions of this painting available for purchase through Paypal. They're 18" x 24" on 80 lb. cover stock with a satin finish, and a sleek 1/2" white border around it.

$75 USD + $5 shipping and handling