Together (No. 19) - Original and Reproduction

"Together (No. 19)," mixed media on birch panel, 36" x 48"

I was at an art show in Phoenix, Arizona a few months ago and, wandering about, squinting at the light, I stumbled upon this scene. It was the long shadows and so many backs to me, crowding in with those glowing silhouettes which caught my attention.

I happened to be carrying a journal and iPad and cracked out both to capture the fleeting moment in the middle of the street. I was crouched over and I had to catch a poor fella with a cane who didn't see me and stumbled over my back.

The other day I heard a neuroscientist on the radio. He was saying that while he knew nothing about art, he could always pick out who the artists were when he ran tests of eye movement on random samples of the population. The artists' eyes looked at things, in patterns, other eyes didn't, he claimed. "They seem trained in different ways."

Who knows, but it wasn't till I was done working and walking away that it dawned on me to ask what all these people were looking at anyway. And there on a unicycle, high above everyone, was a man dressed as a unicorn. He'd been there the whole time.

New! I have a few reproductions of this painting available for purchase through Paypal. They're 18" x 24" on 80 lb. cover stock with a satin finish, and a sleek 1/2" white border around it.

$75 USD + $5 shipping and handling