Hoarding and Boarding - SOLD

Mixed media on birch, 36" x 48" - SOLD

I've been so satisfied working away in my old studio in Canada that I haven't been photographing or posting any of the new work. So here's one, "Hoarding and Boarding," which I half started I don't know how long ago, threw in a corner, and just now found and finished. I think it was based on a quick sketch and photo I took somewhere in Toronto.

It caught my eye because it speaks to what's become the default discussion around here, construction, and gentrification. I almost called it "Gentrifiers Against Gentrification," but thought I'd save some slacks from getting in a swivel.

Typical range of comments:
  • "I like the new construction. It adds life. The rednecks leave."
  • "I hate the new construction. It brings in hipsters and traffic."
  • "It's construction on top of construction. Buildings, yeah, but also new pipelines and cables. Chewed and blocked off roads. Jackhammers. And all loaded into our one warm season."
  • "Blame the artists. They come in when it's cheap, make everything cool, attract the developers, and then everyone gets priced out, including the artists."
  • "Blame the GO train. Everywhere it goes prices double."
  • "Blame the university. It is the gentry."
  • "Everything is too dense. There are no trees and backyards with gardens like there used to be."
  • "Where do all the low-income folks go?"
  • "There's no where to make grappa and salami anymore."
My problem is I see a little truth in all views.