Loops of dough deep-fried in grease, served under fluorescent lights, amid circus-like trinkets and billows of smoke. A cultural institution unique to the Hispanic world, especially around Christmas.

So it was I stood outside a train station, maybe the most popular and democratic of places in Europe, and took notes in a sketchpad, marveling. 

Valencia's daytime light is well known, but its nighttime gleam—not to mention its general busyness and revelry into the darkest hours, like a gathering of bats—has always fascinated me as much.

This work comes in two versions. You can see a time-lapse video of me making the second at https://www.instagram.com/p/B8cCdvGHbvE/.

"Buñuelos (No. 1)," m/m on canvas, 48" x 36". Available at Canvas Gallery, Toronto.

"Buñuelos (No.2)," m/m on canvas, 48" x 36". With me in my California studio.