Together (No. 30)

If you've ever been to Spain, you'll know El Corte Ingles (Canadians, think the Eaton Centre, back in the days). 

The main entrance is excellent for people watching. This piece I got by crouching against a wall, sketching furiously, and taking photos, while smokers gathered to ask what in hell I was doing and a dog scratched my legs, making me very nervous. 

As they say, you've gotta suffer for your art. 

I used homemade screens in parts, and so rather than wash them out after a first use, I made two pieces, no. 30-1 and no. 30-2, one on canvas and one on panel. You can see they're similar but still quite different.

"Together (No. 30-1)," mixed media on canvas, 48" x 36". Available at Canvas Gallery, Toronto.

"Together (No. 30-2)," mixed media on panel, 48" x 36". With me in my California studio.