The In-between - SOLD

Something moody for these heavy times, "The In-between," 48" x 36", mixed media on panel.

I went for a walk last night and the sky so roiled with hot acid, wiped with gauze, covered over and neutralized with cotton candy, and then submerged in the greyest concrete it was as if a distillation of all the dramas playing out in ICUs around the world were right there to see.

I couldn't stop looking, wondering where all of this would lead.

Humbling in the way the sublime is.

At this point, I think it's safe to say that the virus has shifted the centre of gravity.

There has been a rupture and, oh boy, we need to repair.

So, this silver lining from Shoshana Zuboff, the Harvard psychologist and author of the excellent Age of Surveillance Capitalism: "Awareness requires a rupture with the world we take for granted; then old categories of experience are called into question and revised."