Offcut (No. 4)

Here's the fourth in my "Offcut" series, smaller pieces made using a combination of straight-up painting with brushes and scrapers and a monoprinting technique. Each is a 1:1 section I've reused from a larger painting, in this case this one.

I've always been struck by feet: the quality of the footwear, the gait, the movement. I once wrote an entire chapter of a novel from the perspective of a homeless man who, sitting on a sidewalk against a wall, eyes down to the ground, could read everything he needed to know about the passing people by studying their feet.

This is an original mixed-media painting on cradled wood panel. It's layered with acrylic paint, spray paint, and collage. It's varnished with a UV-protectant varnish and gallery wrapped, so ready to hang unframed as it is, keeping with the more modern look of the work.

"Offcut (No. 4)," mixed media on panel, 12" x 12"

$225 + free S&H in North America