Two Urinals - SOLD

I was disheartened to learn that Sneaky Dee's in Toronto could be closing, and in its place a condo, naturally, erected. The irony.

I spent many a late night in my twenties stoking the creative fires and growing the political muscles with pitchers of Labatt Blue and molehills of nachos in the unapologetically punk-grunge bar and concert venue.

These days I live in southern California, which for the exception of a few very small pockets in L.A. and maybe Santa Ana, is hopelessly irrigated, sun bleached, and cookie cutter. On the top of the cultural pyramid is the car and suburb. I miss organic grime and character.

Let's see whether city hall can step in and do something, but it feels like an era (of alternative culture? ground-up city-making? unpretentious black sheep thinking?) is coming to an end.

Here's a small piece I did in tribute to Sneaky Dee's and that bygone time.

It's not for everyone.

"Two Urinals," mixed media on panel, 12" x 12".

$250 USD + free shipping/handling in North America SOLD

I do my best to use environmentally responsible pigments, varnishes, and other materials, all while upholding the strictest archival conventions and not losing anything in the way of colour or vibrancy.

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