Deep Dream

I tried something different with this piece. Firstly, it's oil and only oil, not my usual approach that combines acrylic, collage, spray, and other elements. Secondly, I worked mostly from memory, just once I'd gotten a start with a black and white sketch which I happened, in looking for something fresh,  to pass through an AI algorithm.

Mostly, I listened to the music of Olafur Arnalds and Max Richter while I worked, rather than my usual nail-biting news. Somehow, I think, that worked itself out in the colours, as well as how tranquil I felt through the whole process.

I’m hesitant to say I like it, or that I love it, but the approach was refreshing.

"Deep Dream," oil on panel, 24" x 24" in handmade poplar frame.

I do my best to use environmentally responsible pigments, varnishes, and other materials, all while upholding the strictest archival conventions and not losing anything in the way of colour or vibrancy.

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