Wings - SOLD

As manga-eyed as they are at times, I try to remind myself that kids aren’t court jesters. They don’t like to be babied and they have x-rays for detecting if you’re talking down or humoring or brushing them off. 

What they’re after, I think, is what we’re all after: a little adventure, something real and consequential, meaning. To learn in a genuine way. 

These days I’m not lobbing my kiddos in air because I discovered I have a back, but we did manage to have a mosh pit in the kitchen the other day (alright, bad idea) and then talked about, what else, the very real adult engineering problem of garbage management in the world. 

This piece is “Wings,” because they need them spread. Oil on panel, 24” x 24”.

I do my best to use environmentally responsible pigments, varnishes, and other materials, all while upholding the strictest archival conventions and not losing anything in the way of colour or vibrancy.

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