Together No. 13

"Together (No. 13)," acrylic on birch panel, 24" x 48"

Ta-da, numero 13 of my series Together, just for all the misanthropes. If you've forgotten why I started this series and what it has to do with anything, the explanation can be found over at

I'm not sure what it is about these but they keep selling, which is odd because here in California I haven't really wrapped my head around how to conceptualize things as I was able to in Italy or elsewhere. Despite the insanely glorious weather, you're more likely to see a bunch of cars rubbing bumpers than people rubbing elbows, or if they are people, they're smushed into turnstiles at Walmart or Target.

The other place, of course, can be Joshua Tree, the sequoias, and all the spots people escaping people follow other people escaping people only to find themselves together again.

Fairgrounds with security, admissions, and super set-design curation are also good. That's where this painted rectangle happened to come from: a show I did near San Diego in the Fall, slipping out for moment to do my hoser duty and hear Alanis Morissette perform (yup) and then, believe it or not, Tom Petty, a few weeks before he moved on to the spirit in the sky.